Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

As a student, you will be required to come up with an essay at some point in your school life. Essays are commonly used in English, social science and even math classes. An essay can be defined as a literary work which is developed to convey a particular idea and is usually backed up with statements that support your views.

A good essay follows a particular format. It begins with an introduction, followed by body which gives a follow up and support on the introduction and ends in a conclusion. The conclusion gives a final statement and also summarizes the whole essay.

There are a various factors that you will need to know prior to getting started on writing a five paragraph essay which includes knowing how to write the essay. So how do you get started?

Develop an introduction. When writing an introduction for your five paragraph essay, make sure you introduce your topic in a catchy manner that is likely to attract attention. An intro it what determines if your essay will be read or not and must be specific so that your reader knows what you intend to write about.

Include the body. Since the essay consists of five paragraphs only, the body should follow your intro and contain three paragraphs. In learning how to write a five paragraph essay, you should ensure that the body supports your main idea. You can make it strong by citing examples or giving evidence for your claims. If used properly, transition words like in fact, as a result etc can make your essay flow easily thus encouraging readership.

Give your essay a conclusion. Do not feel as if you have nothing more to write about after coming up with the whole essay. Instead, go through your essay and summarize all your key points. This will make your conclusion which will in turn make your essay complete. A good conclusion needs to be short, clear and on point. This is what leaves a final impression on your reader hence it is what your reader is likely to remember most from your essay.