How to Prepare for Living at College

Prepare for Living at College

Each year, for parents across the country, it is a sad day as their children are swept off and away to college. The child turns to walk away… a little grin appears on their face. They are about to become independent! This is a wonderful time for many of us, but the problem is actually LIVING on your own. Many students entertain the idea of living alone, but in many cases, do not prepare and it can become quite difficult at first. That is, if you don’t feel like eating fast food every single night and more.

Being on your own means you are in charge of your expenses, job, homework, school deadlines and more. After time, it becomes much easier… and quite enjoyable!

As far as food, try to keep a smaller fridge and freezer in your room to keep frozen items and such just for the week as you satisfy those late night cravings. Also, a microwave would be a great idea.

Make sure there is laundry detergent and other laundry tools as the laundry pile really piles high very quickly when mom is not around. That is one of the first major things new independents will notice.

Be sure to have all of your credit card information changed to the proper address. You don’t need any of those outlaw bills that just knock out your credit. Be sure you are on it as these are the years that really start your credit rating days. And without decent credit your life after college may not be so easy as it may seem NOW.

Remember to protect yourself from thieves in your dorm. Keep all your identifying information and credit cards and such in a hidden place while keeping your door locked at all times. I know this may seem a bit paranoid, but many students find items disappearing as they keep their doors open often and/or unlocked. You may not notice, but the one in your dorm a few doors down who would like to have some of you stuff certainly does.

Staying healthy in college is very important as well. If a person comes down with a flu that keeps them bedridden for weeks, then there may be a bit of difficulty in the lines of passing that chemistry class and labs that semester. Take advantage of your health center if you feel ill.

Be sure to bring plenty of warm clothes in case it gets cold and you have to walk through the freezing cold I n the morning for that 8am class. Trudging through the cold in your lightweight shirt and a pair of slacks just isn’t going to keep your body warm enough for long.

Before heading off to college, think about your living situation and what sort of decorative items you would like to have, as well as any roommate questions you may have. Getting along with your roommate can be an essential to surviving that first year. You will both be in close quarters so make sure you have some sort of a setup for the dorm ready. Follow these tips and more at our website and you will find yourself having a much more enjoyable experience than some of the others in college and your dorm who didn’t even think about what to do once they got there.